Founder and Principal Partner

Founder and Principal Partner 2018-03-20T22:19:36+00:00

The principal partner in this venture is Adeboye Teriba an Associate of Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers, Authorized Dealing Clerk of both Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and NASD Plc and also a Sponsored Market Individual with Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).
An investment professional with over 11 years Capital Market experience across Research, Portfolio Management, Advisory, Equity and Bond trading.
His experience in research cuts across all sectors, over the years he had established himself as one of the leading research analyst in the food and beverages industry in the Capital Market. He like to relentlessly pursue leads that will bring his employer’s Organizations closer to opportunities by seeking to understand why organizations thrive, how they evolve, what they do to manage adversity and confronting the problems that could impede them or lead to pitfalls.
He previously managed a portfolio worth over N2.5 billion, which appreciated by over 27% and fee income on it grew by over 56% while he was head of Wealth Management Nigeria Stockbrokers Limited.
He resigned as the Head of Compliance department of NSL Capital Partners Limited to set up Futures Orient Investment Limited (FOIL) a startup investment boutique.