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Welcome to Futures Orient Investment Limited

Futures Orient Investment Limited is a start-up company incorporated in Nigeria as a Limited Liability Company on 15th June, 2017. A one stop investment Boutique with services tailored to your investment needs. We know that at the heart of every noble endeavour is planing and as a popular maxim says “He who fails to plan, plans to fail”. At Futures Orient Investment Limited (FOIL) we are futuristic in our approach that is the reason the “Future Matters” to us and our clients.
We have considered the Wealth of Nations and research into why some people are wealthy and why 5% of the population control the Wealth of most of all Nations. We concluded that they were able to create wealth by putting their money through savings to investments that yielded remarkable returns on investment.
This prompted us to create PRISM of Wealth to bring our clients up to speed then the underlying principle of our investment philosophy:
P: Pension
R: Retirement
I: Investment
S: Savings
M: Money

We consider these seriously because they are the fulcrum of our existence and the rallying point for us and our clients.

Futures Orient Investment Limited